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What my clients say.

I have known Liz for 6 years during which time she has worked with NSG delivering training and more recently one to one coaching with our staff.

She has also been my coach and her caring and supportive manner has been a massive help to me.  She’s even helped me conquer one of my own fears; that of presentation skills – something I never thought possible.

She is a careful listener, always prepared for our regular catch ups whether in person or by telephone.  She is extremely knowledge and has asked me some great questions that always get to the heart of the matter and make me think.

In addition to her professionalism and insightfulness she is an incredibly passionate person who cares about the wellbeing and success of her clients.

If you go onto Liz’s website you can read other testimonials about their experiences of working with Liz.

If you haven’t worked with Liz yet – then you don’t know what you are missing! I would recommend Liz strongly.

Be prepared to make those Bold Moves….

Wendi Barnes - Head of Shared Services
NSG Environmental Services Ltd

We’ve used Liz as an external consultant on several occasions and we’ve been impressed by the way that she quickly grasps the problems and diagnoses the causes, and then sees solutions and opportunities.

She doesn’t shy away from the tough conversations that are required to fix a toxic issue, which to be frank, can sometimes be caused by the directors or senior staff.

I highly recommend Liz to business leaders who need a fearless problem solver to support their HR team

Andrew Trevvett - Director

I personally found it a very positive experience and took away many things that have, and will continue to be, invaluable in the way I manage my team and of course the Hospice.  Karen, Patrick, Anthony,  Ian and myself have enjoyed the experience and together believe we have developed stronger relationships.  This can only be beneficial to the Hospice, its patients, staff, carers and families going forward, so again we thank you.

Karen Houlston MA - Chief Executive
Willow Wood

Liz has been pivotal to my development and progress since I engaged with her as my business coach, through her Provoking, challenging, focussed, and engaging style. She has transformed the way I think and act over the last 6 months from procrastination, worry, and a real lack of direction, to a determined Business Specialist Consultant, with 2 clients, and Directorship in a Franchise business. Liz challenges the norm. and ensures you set and achieve on a regular basis working very closely on individual skills and individual goals. She enforces personal rewards and setting personal and business goals in equal measure using simple to use tools…. I cant recommend Liz highly enough to anyone wishing to challenge where they are and make their next bold move .

Nathan Sermon

As a Training & Development Manager I have worked with Liz Pollard for seven years  in the capacity as both a Dale Carnegie Account Manager for our organisation and a Trainer.

Liz has a number of strengths, in her role as Account Manager you can always rely on Liz to see a job through to completion with great attention to detail and a willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for her clients to ensure all expectations are delivered.

As a trainer Liz had boundless enthusiasm which she successfully communicates and transfers to the delegates. Liz will also ensure that each learning point relates to and is seen to be transferable into the workplace.

As well as ensuring the learning has a direct impact in the workplace Liz is also wholly focused on each individual achieving the growth they desire.

It is the combination of workplace relevance and the delegates personal growth that delivers results.

David Kinson - Training & Development Manager
Johnsons Apparelmaster

I was referred to Liz through a mutual friend 3 months ago, it has been awesome to say the least.

Liz is helping me with business but I am also reaping the benefits in personal relationships with close friends, family and even my girlfriend.

We worked on building my confidence, self belief and communication skills. In my line of work as a personal trainer these are absolutely necessary.

I have several goals for my personal fitness, for my business and my career. With Liz’s help I’m taking consistent and regular steps towards each one.

I would highly recommend Liz for her business coaching. When you have a set goal of where you want you or your business to be and are driven she helps with goal setting.

Marcus Morris - Personal Trainer

Liz Pollard is a great business coach: attentive, insightful, positive, and stimulating. I have had the pleasure of working with her several times: once as a student improving my own presentation skills and five times as a client, co-developing immersion training programs for PSI’s operational and business development team members.

Liz has conducted emersion training for PSI’s managers and directors across Europe and the USA in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Liz is always tuned in, a careful listener and pays attention to details. She is observant and knowledgeable and knows how to direct her students in a constructive yet gentle way.

Liz has been great in helping people overcome stage fear, gain control in stressful situations and find better ways of influencing others. Liz is also an avid learner herself, unafraid of making bold moves and thus setting a great example for all of us.

I would recommend Liz anytime and hope we can continue working together for years to come.

Olga Alfonsova - Business Development Director

Liz is one of the reasons why I can assuredly stand before any audience, confidently sell my ideas and boldly take new steps in my professional and private life. Working with Liz (on two separate occasions!) pushed me to be better and break through many of my comfort zones. She tactfully alternates between giving encouragement and lending constructive criticism. Her coaching style is honest, but compassionate and has only one aim – help you reach your goals. I still recall the first time she reminded me of one of mine.

She stopped me mid-way while I was presenting to say: You want to be taken more seriously, right? Then stop smiling so much and speak with authority. That was the moment I realised I wasn’t just working with any trainer, but with a coach who listens.

Breakthroughs are rarely the easiest to reach and often uncomfortable, but if what you are searching for includes taking it the next level professionally (and even privately), then jump at the opportunity to work with Liz. It’s an experience that will remain with you long after the training ends.

Myrna Otto - Customer Relations Manager
Swiss Re Insurance