Liz is one of the reasons why I can assuredly stand before any audience, confidently sell my ideas and boldly take new steps in my professional and private life. Working with Liz (on two separate occasions!) pushed me to be better and break through many of my comfort zones. She tactfully alternates between giving encouragement and lending constructive criticism. Her coaching style is honest, but compassionate and has only one aim – help you reach your goals. I still recall the first time she reminded me of one of mine.

She stopped me mid-way while I was presenting to say: You want to be taken more seriously, right? Then stop smiling so much and speak with authority. That was the moment I realised I wasn’t just working with any trainer, but with a coach who listens.

Breakthroughs are rarely the easiest to reach and often uncomfortable, but if what you are searching for includes taking it the next level professionally (and even privately), then jump at the opportunity to work with Liz. It’s an experience that will remain with you long after the training ends.