I have known Liz for 6 years during which time she has worked with NSG delivering training and more recently one to one coaching with our staff.

She has also been my coach and her caring and supportive manner has been a massive help to me.  She’s even helped me conquer one of my own fears; that of presentation skills – something I never thought possible.

She is a careful listener, always prepared for our regular catch ups whether in person or by telephone.  She is extremely knowledge and has asked me some great questions that always get to the heart of the matter and make me think.

In addition to her professionalism and insightfulness she is an incredibly passionate person who cares about the wellbeing and success of her clients.

If you go onto Liz’s website you can read other testimonials about their experiences of working with Liz.

If you haven’t worked with Liz yet – then you don’t know what you are missing! I would recommend Liz strongly.

Be prepared to make those Bold Moves….