Courageous Coaching
Are you driven and ambitious,
but unsure how to achieve your goals?

Courageous Coaching is a proven process
designed to get you to where you cant to be.

My coaching services will help you escape your comfort zone,
give you renewed confidence in your own ability, and get you committed to the path you need to take.

We’ll start by creating your personal vision – where you want to
be and by when. It’s impossible to move forward in the right direction without knowing what the final destination looks like.
After our first session, you’ll understand your ‘where’ and ‘why…’

Remember, success means different things to different people.
Perhaps you want to create a successful business to buy things that you value, or maybe you want more freedom to spend extra time with your family? Whatever it is you want to achieve,
once you can visualise it, we can start making firm plans to achieve it. We can develop your ‘how.’

A proven package

Coaching is very much a one-to-one service.
Everybody’s goals are different, their strengths are different, and their definitions of success are different.

I can design packages from the ground up just for you, or you can
take advantage of my ‘off the shelf’ package that has proven to be very effective.

For just £100 per month, you’ll learn to:

• Create a personal vision that inspires and motivates you
• Define your bold moves for future success
• Understand why you do what you do
• Recognise what’s important to you and why
• Understand and play to your strengths
• Plan and schedule activities to help free up your time
• Prioritise and focus on what’s important to achieving your vision
• Make time for YOU, your family and those important to you

We’ll work together for an initial period of six months that will include the following:

• An initial 30-minute introductory call
• A 2-hour session to create your vision and define your bold moves
• 6 x 1-hour face to face coaching sessions to focus on creating new habits
• Intermittent phone calls and emails from me to keep you on track

Plus, I’ll give you: learning resources, goal setting guides, a planning schedule, reading recommendations, and introductions to my extensive network of associates.



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Training Hours

Where could you be with a coach?

It’s time to stop procrastinating and start making those bold moves. After all, if you keep doing what you’ve
been doing, you’ll keep getting the same results. I’m here to start you on your new path to success and
I’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Attitude + Action + Acountability = Success.

Here’s an insight into how I’ve
helped others in a similar position…