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Public Speaking

You are your number one tool when it comes to promoting your business. But to get all the benefits that come with putting yourself out there, you need to overcome your fears.

Designed to build your confidence when promoting your business, my Courageous Communication Programme will make sure you leave a lasting impression on prospects and close more business. Your senior management and any sales-focused individuals will benefit too.

It’s not about a confidence boost, it’s about building sustainable confidence that stays with you for a long time. It’s about changing your perception and mindset when it comes to public speaking and all things self-promotion.

Fear public speaking? You’re not alone

Did you know that glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, is the number one fear people have – ahead of a fear of spiders, and even dying?! That’s how hard it can be for a lot of people, even in the business world. The people who seem to exude the most confidence are often those struggling the most on the inside.

I’ve had to overcome this fear for myself; I was terrified of public speaking 10 years ago. Now, I’ve hosted local business awards with over 250 in attendance and spoken at international conferences with over 1000 delegates. If I can do it, so can you. I want to help you get to a place where you thrive in front of an audience and you’re always excited to tell people how your business can help them.



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Training Hours

Courageous Communication – The Programme

Over a 2-day programme delivered at your premises, I’ll show you and your team how to confidently get your message across. Whether that’s speaking at a conference, presenting in meetings, or delivering company briefings; I’ll help you increase your impact.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a confident connection with your audience and grab their attention
  • Create a positive first impression with the right body language
  • Learn to be more natural and relaxed to overcome nerves
  • Build your personal credibility, backed by evidence
  • Deliver with energy and enthusiasm
  • Structure your pitch to persuade
  • WOW your audience and create buy-in
  • Handle tough questions and audience members while maintaining composure
  • Think on your feet to respond to objections
  • And of course; overcome your fears

Designed to help your people on an individual level, the programme offers one-to-one coaching for up to 8 people. On completion you’ll get digital materials to keep and refer to, and each person will receive a certificate confirming their attendance.

Is it for you?

Do you prefer business to come to you rather than going out and fearlessly bringing it in? Do your employees keep themselves to themselves? Do you simply believe that you’re not good with people…?

I’d love to speak to you and show you that change is possible.

Businesses are simply a collection of people, so how you communicate will have a large bearing on your success.

It’s time to show how passionate you are with confidence, build your influence, and help clients identify with you so they choose you over the competition.

Call me today on 07896 950017 or click the button below to make an enquiry.

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