From Accidental Talk to Hosting Award Ceremonies.

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I dropped my business card into a glass bowl and ended up talking in front of hundreds of people.

It was 2009 at a Chamber of Commerce event and I thought I was entering my business card to have a chance to win the customary bottle of bubbly on offer in exchange. Then, I ended up on stage. I had no idea one of the prizes was to do a talk – if I had, I probably wouldn’t have entered.

Like the vast majority of people, public speaking was something that made me nervous, especially in this case as I had no time to prepare. When this sort of thing happens in life, we have two choices:

  1. To give in to our fears and insecurities and live with the regret of missed opportunity, or;
  2. We can ignore all of that and take decisive action

Choosing the second option has become a staple of my career and the foundation behind Enabling Bold Moves.

Professional Speaking

Fast forward a decade or so, I’ve presented at several conferences, seminars and hosted events and business awards.

The Hyndburn Business Awards are close to my heart as it’s where I call home, so it was a privilege to be asked to host the event again and again. One of my 30 ways to make bold moves is to celebrate success and to see so many local businesses come together to celebrate their achievements of the past year filled me with passion and pride.

Enabling Your Bold Move

I will always be thankful to my younger, courageous self for taking that irrevocable first step and I continue to move forward in my career in the same vein.

So, next time you’re unexpectedly offered an opportunity that you feel could change everything, but you feel that pit of nerves in the bottom of your stomach: know that you need to “Say Yes then freak out later!”. The opportunities outside our comfort zone are the ones that help us to grow.

If it excites and scares you, it means you need to do it!


Good luck in your quest to fulfil your ambitions. If you’d like some more help to improve your public speaking skills or you want to overcome your fear of public speaking then Contact Me

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