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Prioritising People Partnership

The Prioritising People Partnership is the bedrock of my consultancy services.

This culture change programme involves us working together on an ongoing basis, for a minimum period of six months, to help you improve employee engagement and develop your people.

Your people are your number one resource and will have a large hand in the future success of your business, so it’s crucial they’re on side and up to the task.

Turning the tide

Employee engagement issues commonly stem from a lack of clarity or the absence of common goals, which can cause a disconnect between different parts of the business and negatively impact individual teams.

Significant organisational change is often the underlying cause of the breakdown in communication. Rapid growth, changes in management/ownership, or a family business being passed down, can negatively impact staff morale and performance. When change happens quickly, or unexpectedly, the ripple effect can be even more severe.

That’s why it’s important to have a culture that champions employee engagement, to keep everyone pulling in the same direction.

An employee engagement strategy

1. Vision

What does success look like to you? What are some quick wins we can take advantage of? We will work together to define where you want to be.

2. Strategy

We’ll consider how we’re going to make your vision a reality and set about putting the goals in place to develop your people and culture.

3. Action and implementation

We’ve been busy putting the plans in place and now it’s time for action! This is where the vision and big ideas really get road-tested.

4. Monitoring and celebrating

We monitor the progress of everything we’ve done and how your people have developed since we started implementing our plans. We can adjust as necessary and review our goals; and of course, we’ll celebrate the successes we’ve enjoyed – an important part of staying on track.

5. Sustainability

We’ll analyse the partnership in detail and see how we can improve on everything that we’ve achieved so far.



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Training Hours

A true partnership

For the Prioritising People Partnership to be a success, I need to immerse myself into your business and really get to know your people to make change happen. To do this effectively, I can’t take on every client. I’m selective to make sure I can devote the time needed to get us to where we want to be. It’s a tailored relationship put together just for you, not a tick-box exercise. I’ll be your coach in every sense of the word – there when you need me.

Contact me today and let’s start laying the foundations for an exciting future. Just call me on 01254 443460 or 07896 950017. Alternatively, click the button below and leave your details and I’ll get back to you.

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